Make your styleguide the default.

Remove the complexity of HTML & CSS, create a styleguide, and apply your styles directly to the HTML elements. No classes, no confusion.

Create & manage your styleguide

Our theme builder not only helps you visually build a style guide but also gives you automatically styled HTML elements to match

Write clean, consistent code

By styling the default HTML elements, we make it so you no longer have to deal with messy class chains.

Automatically edit & update

Using Kodekit is as easy as copying a single line of code. Updating it happens automatically in the theme editor.

Build your styleguide without a line of code.

Our KodeKit theme builder allows you to build your style guide visually. Create, save, update, and share amongst your team, and others, without the stress.

Base Styles

Choose your own color palette, type styles & global settings

HTML Elements

Use your base styles & customize your buttons, inputs & more

Structure & Layouts

Set the structural settings of your projects layout

Themes & More

Build from scratch or use a pre-made theme

Maintain consistency across your project.

By styling the HTML directly, users can maintain easy consistency across projects: no forgetting classes or confusing sizing. Kodekit themes are also automatically kept up to date via the import script in your project.

Styled by Default

Style the HTML directly. No classes are needed.

Easily Consistent

No classes to make, add, or edit.

Automatically Update

Changes made on Kodekit auto-apply.

Modify When Needed

Update and add only when necessary

Everything you need to
get building

Kodekits gives you all the essentials you need and more. So that all you need to do is choose or build your theme, import the code and get writing HTML.

Import & Update

Import manually or with a single line of code.

Hover, Focus & More

Basic animations are already taken care of

Breakpoints & Containers

Responsive design built-in

Documentation Galore

Helpful docs for when you need help

Your site doesn’t need thousands of classes.

Build clean, functional & responsive websites with simple HTML, styled to be used as intended